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Fresh ideas for attracting and engaging interested customers in today's digital age.

"Spray and Pray" -- a thing of the past

Are your marketing efforts largely spent trying to find those few buyers that may have interest...only to find you're annoying and wasting most of your resources on suspects that aren't in the market today? And how many real customers did you overlook because they weren't targeted in your campaign?


Mass marketing doesn't work anymore. The average person ignores over a million marketing messages a year -- that's 3,000+ interruptions every day for things they're not going to buy.. Yet they still buy some things...

The new marketing era - attract those actually "looking"

The key today is to be easily found whenever a customer is in a buying cycle. You need to be accessible everywhere along their "buying continuum" -- when they're looking for fresh ideas, new solutions, product reviews, comparisons, demonstrations and any other information that helps them make sound decisions. They're in control so make sure they find everything they need before they reach that last step -- the purchase!

Engaging the buyer

Once the initial connection is made, you must progressively learn more about their needs -- but not too quickly or they may run and hide. But done right, you can continuously respond with the right offers at the right time... all the way to the final decision.

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